Consultations are carried out for:
  • Lame horses - role of foot conformation
  • Laminitis cases
  • Cracks, wall separations, and white line disease
  • Consultations will ideally involve your veterinarian and/or farrier

Consultations are initially carried out via email. Please email Dr Dick Mansmann at If you are a new client, please also complete and submit our online new client form.

Once the consultation is arranged via email, we would like to receive a picture of the horse standing squarely on a solid surface and all feet completely visible (i.e., not standing in the grass), as well as a picture of the defect[s] in question. Eventually we will need downloadable lateral podiatry radiographs of the 4 feet from your veterinarian taken within the prior 3 weeks. Please see the protocol for taking lateral radiographs which we find the most useful in our podiatry assessments.

We review your information and materials, request any additional information needed, and then send you our recommendations, as well as a marked-up radiograph and/or photo to illustrate the written explanation.

Examples of  marked-up radiograph and foot picture

The consultations begin at $125.00 which can include an email with a potential treatment plan including a sketch-over-radiograph and/or hoof picture.

For telephone calls to owners, trainers, veterinarians, and/or farriers there is an additional $50/call. I often send a follow up email to see how your horse is doing, for which there is no charge.

If cases are or become more complicated and require more time thus increased fees, you will be notified prior to any additional fees charged.

Checks made out to Equine Podiatry and mailed to the address above. We also accept credit cards.