Sport Horse
focus: Equine Podiatry
Sponsored by Richard Mansmann, VMD, PhD of
Equine Podiatry & Rehabilitation
Mobile Practice of North Carolina
Physio-Therapeutic Grooming

Equipment needed:
o2 rubber curry combs
osoft dandy brush
ofirm dandy brush
ohoof pick
obottle of baby oil
oTurkish towel about 18”x18”
oCan of *Lemon Pledge

1.To do a thorough grooming job on your horse, which can also be a total body massage.  With the firm circular motion grooming, therefore a thorough massage, the blood flow is increased to the skin and muscle layers underneath the skin.  It begins the warm-up for an impending exercise.
2.A thorough 10-minute grooming can give the groomer pre-ride warm-up exercise also if they put their entire body behind their arms and legs with this grooming.  Then for best results lots of “elbow grease” is needed for those 10 minutes so you might need to check with your physician before tackling this grooming concept.

1.Take the 2 rubber curry combs in each of your hands.  In a circular motion, rub the skin thoroughly so that you rub the hair up off the skin, getting the mud off the horse.  Rub the hair in all directions.  Do both sides and all four legs.
2.Take both dandy brushes.  If you are standing on the left of the horse, place the firm dandy brush in your left hand and the soft dandy brush in your right hand.  Proceed in a circular motion with solid pressure with both hands, grooming the horse from the neck all the way back to the tail and down each of the left legs.  Then switch hands and sides so that the firm dandy brush is in your right hand on the right side of the horse and the soft brush on your left side.  Use circular motions of both hands at one time.  Groom the horse thoroughly from the head to the tail and down both legs.
3.Spray a light amount of *Lemon Pledge onto the horse’s mane and tail.  Then, brush the mane and tail with the firm dandy brush so that each hair is separate from the adjacent hair.
4.Pick the feet out thoroughly, especially on both sides of the frog.
5.Apply a slight amount of baby oil to the Turkish towel (not enough to wet the hair).  With your left hand in a firm, patting, circular motion, go over the entire horse’s left side and then switch hands and go over the horse’s right side with the same firm, circular motion against the horse’s skin and superficial muscles.
6.Wipe the horse’s face.  You are now ready to tack up and ride.  As you can see, this grooming not only helps the horse, but also helps develop a slight increase of heart rate for the rider, therefore helping warm-up both horse and rider for their potential exercise.